February 15

The Coolest Zoom App: Warmly.ai

Even though many of us have gone back to in-person collaboration, Zoom virtual meetings are here to stay. Whether you’re interviewing a job applicant, chatting with a vendor, having your weekly team meeting or trying to close on a deal with the biggest client you’ve ever had, Warmly.ai is the Zoom App you need.

BONUS: Although it’s extra special in Zoom because it’s one of the built-in apps, Warmly works with Microsoft Teams and other video conferencing. It also works with Microsoft calendars.

Double BONUS: Warmly for Business is free if you have a Zoom account!

Participant Insights Automatically

Warmly is a research tool that gives you instant access to important facts about your meeting attendees. Every time you set up or are invited to a Zoom meeting, Warmly looks up your attendees to find facts such as:

  • Titles and achievements
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Your interaction history (email exchanges and past meetings)
  • Company profiles
  • Email addresses
  • News articles
  • Locations, current weather and time zones

Warmly Deep Dive

When an event goes on your Google Calendar, Warmly does its magic. Take a look at how it works with an upcoming meeting I’m having with some amazing speaker friends: Karen McCullough, Marilyn Sherman and Mary C. Kelly. #IKnowBrilliantPeople

Warmly.AI calendar invite info

Easy Research

On the Warmly site (and in the Zoom App), here’s what happens:

Warmly.ai Contacts Page

Meeting Prep

Warmly gives you all the meeting attendees’ info in one place for each event on your Google Calendar.

Warmly.ai Meeting Prep Page

Zoom Background

Besides giving you insights about everyone else, Warmly wants to help you share your own facts and figures. With just a few clicks, you can create a custom Zoom (or other platform) background with your deets.

Warmly. ai Zoom background personalization

The resulting background looks professional, engaging and personalized. And its a far cry from your coworker’s default Zoom beach scene.

Beth Zs Zoom background with Warmly

Built-In Engagement

Another interesting feature in Warmly is that it helps you break the ice during meetings with… wait for it… icebreakers. These are questions you can choose to add to your background to get conversations started.

When you choose an icebreaker, you can add it to your background.

Zoom Foreground Tool

Great news! Warmly just released a foreground tool that works like a lower-third banner with your info in front of your video.


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