March 3

Time for a Digital Detox

The National Day of Unplugging is the first weekend in March. This year it goes from sundown to sundown, March 4-5.

National Day of Unplugging

As Your Nerdy Best Friend, it’s my JOB to stay plugged in to do research for all the cool tech you need to make your lives easier. But you don’t need to work that hard!

As you might guess, the National Day of Unplugging asks you to step away from your screens for 24 hours so you can read a book, connect with family, take a walk or sneak away for a nap. These days we’re glued to those devices hour after hour for work, play, home, fun and everything else. And it’s taking a toll on our relationships, health and mind.

Six Simple Steps for a Digital Detox

The site has tons of tips and resources for the National Day of Unplugging, and we’ve created an assessment and worksheet for you to plan your own. Download the Digital Detox Workbook here.


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  • I had to Google this to determine that it seems to only relate to cell phones. If that’s true, I could go a week. The only time I turn mine on is when I leave the house; which is rare. Now, if my PC were included, I could probably go a day but would have a lot of emails the next! 😊

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