March 23

Don’t Let Cybercrime Ruin Your Year

Last week we had our first official TechSparks program for the year, and instead of just saving the PowerPoint, I created an eBook. Feel free to download it, share it, print it out, take it to the beach for spring break… whatever you want. Just make sure you use it to improve your online security and stay safe online.

What??? You missed the TechSparks session? Get the on-demand version here.


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  • Thank you, Beth! I so enjoy your newsletter and your books. This latest reminder to update passwords is great! I learned about LastPass years ago via you (first the free usage & I am now a Premium User) and I use it daily, love the ease of using it, and share with family members the benefits of storing passwords in this manner. I’ve also placed this in my “What you need when I kick the bucket” list for our son, so he has everything in one place. Your latest reminder just triggered me to sit down this weekend and go through the security dashboard in LP as I do not do this enough. You are the best! I always look forward to your words of “Nerd” Wisdom!

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