May 19, 2022

Good Google-y Goo! Free Education from Google


Google/Alphabet is soooo big that it’s impossible to keep up with all the free goodies that it shares. But we here at Nerd HQ are on the job! Here are a couple of the best educational resources that Google offers for free through their Grow with Google program.

Grow with Google

NEW! Scholarships for Google Professional Certificates

Google has a series of professional certificates that they offer through Coursera. They normally cost individuals $39 a month to enroll. But Google recently offered every U.S.-based business an opportunity to register their employees for up to 500 scholarships.

The programs take most students 3-6 months to complete, and they offer skills for marketing, IT, e-commerce, project management, data analytics and much more. FREE!

Bite-Sized Business Skills

Google Primer is a free app that delivers short, savvy business education on the go. These mini lessons are easy to digest on your phone in between meetings. Many of the lessons focus on business growth and professional skills, and there are other insights for job seekers and students.

Google Arts and Culture

Speaking of free education, Google Arts and Culture helps you look at famous places, art and landmarks through lenses you never thought existed. Click around this site to find an infinite number of games, interactive activities and fun facts for you and culture lovers in your family.


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  • Once again Beth you have provided us with tools to make us more professional and at super cost saving prices too — it’s hard to beat $0.00 Thank you

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