June 10

Walking and Talking at Work

Before you hop on your fourth online meeting today, check out this new tool that moves your meeting to the great outdoors.

Mobile phone with the feeter.app app showing.

Feeting is a group meeting platform focused on walking meetings. With a couple of clicks, you can start a meeting, grab your headphones and head out the door for a walk. While you meet with others, your discussions are recorded and transcribed. And an AI-powered analysis will share hot topics, speaking times, action items and more.

The meetings are audio only, which is great if you’re like me and don’t have a professional-looking workout face (picture a sweaty forehead and smeared makeup). And although you may be tempted to keep trucking down the road instead of going back to work, the app gently reminds you to turn around and get back to the office.

Pricing starts at free and goes to really, really cheap. For just about 10 bucks a year, you get transcriptions, Feeting Gems and more extra features. Frankly I’m psyched about all the features at such a super cheap price. That’s rare these days.


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