June 24

Google Easter Eggs

How about a little Internet fun time? Google hides little Easter Eggs when you search for certain terms, and I invite you to spend some time today exploring and laughing.

Google These EXACT Terms on Google.com:

  • Games
    • minesweeper
    • pac-man
    • snake
    • super mario brothers (click the question mark)
    • tic tac toe
    • solitaire
    • fidget spinner
    • google birthday surprise spinner
    • Pi (click on the pi symbol in the calculator)
  • Effects
    • askew
    • blink HTML
    • do a barrel roll
    • Cha Cha Slide (click on the microphone)
    • google in 1998
  • Funny Answers
    • Anagram
    • groundhog day
    • Is Google Down?
    • the loneliest number
    • the number of horns on a unicorn
    • the answer to life the universe and everything
    • the number of horns on a unicorn plus the answer to life the universe and everything
  • Info
    • google logo history
    • groundhog day
    • Is Google Down?
  • TV and Movies
    • assistant regional manager
    • the one ring
    • Alex Trebek
    • Bruno Madrigal
    • Westminster Dog Show (click on the dog paw and keep clicking around!)
    • Legally Blonde (then click on the pink purse)
    • Characters from Friends… click on the icons near their names and make sure your sound is on!
      • Phoebe Buffay (guitar)
      • Ross Geller (couch — my fave)
      • Chandler Bing (chair)
      • Rachel Green (head)
      • Joey Tribbiani (pizza)
      • Monica Geller (pail)

Try These Google Easter Eggs Language-Specific Searches:

Other Google Easter Egg Fun

  • In a Google Sheet (just type sheet.new in your Chrome Browser), type the word “PRIDE” with one letter in each of the first five columns.
Google Pride Easter Egg on Google Spreadsheets
  • While you’re watching any video on YouTube, type “awesome”. Your progress bar will change colors and flash. Type “awesome” again to stop it.
  • Hold Your Cursor Over “I’m Feeling Lucky” Below the Search Bar on Google.com.

Want More? Play around with the fun tools on elgoog.im

One April Fool’s Day, I went over a bunch of them in a hilarious video.


just plain fun

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