July 8

Y’all Are Fun, Funny and AWESOME!

This week I had my great summer giveaway (sorry… it’s over!) to celebrate me finding the perfect headphones.

And the Winners Are…

We had a record number of entries — almost 900! I used Random.org to generate the random winners. Thanks to everyone for playing. We will be emailing the gift cards to the winners in the next few days.

Note: Even if you didn’t win one of the big prizes, scroll down to see if I used one of your comments in my wrapup… you get a fun prize, too!

$5 Amazon Gift Cards

Gosh, I just realized something. My new book is just $4.99 on Kindle, so all these lucky people can buy Nerd365 in electronic format.

  1. Jody H.
  2. Angelia S.
  3. Missy C.
  4. Mary B.
  5. Julie P.
  6. Kirk L.
  7. Lisa R.
  8. Tracy S.
  9. Alyssa M.
  10. Noemi R.

Nerd365! ($20 Amazon Gift Cards)

Oops! I was just going to give away three prizes at this level, but I forgot and chose five names. Congratulations! These lucky folks get $20 from Amazon to buy a hardcopy of my newest book, Nerd365: A Year of APP-ortunities to Upgrade Your Life. The book is usually $18.99, but Amazon has it on sale right now for $16.17 (they do that sometimes — the price fluxuates).

  1. Bill A.
  2. Roger N.
  3. Sue Z.
  4. Gaby D.
  5. Donna K.
Apple AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro Winner! ($200 Amazon Gift Card)

Congratulations to Michele F! You’ll get a $200 Amazon Gift Card that you can use to buy my favorite wireless headphones (see the review here) or any headphones you want. Or anything you want, really. It’s a gift card, after all.

The Best Comments and Quips

Many of you left comments and quips in the entry form. Here are my favorites. If I chose your comment, send me a note with your address for a special consolation prize!

Here’s Why I Should Win

  • You rock, Beth! (And I’d love to rock and roll with new headphones!)
  • Just lost my right AirPod. Winning a new pair will be super awesome 🙂
  • I need wireless headphones because my husband doesn’t appreciate listening to all the TikTok videos I watch for hours and hours.
  • It would super nerdy awesome to win a pair of airpods.
  • Thanks for doing this. My headphones literally broke last week.
  • I don’t REALLY need/want the headphones, I just have been a bit overwhelmed lately and have missed participating in some of your requested activities, and I want to support you! Thanks for being awesome…

Thanks for the Testimonial, I Think?

  • Beth has lovely eyes.
  • Not sure about a testimonial, but always like to hear free tips.
  • OK – I’ll see if I can scrape a few words together.
  • Not sure what to say?
  • I’m on vacation and will try to do it next week after my hernia surgery.
  • Hmm… sounds doable even for me.
  • I don’t have one.
  • No thank you. 🙂
  • Not now, but after I’ve had more experience with you.
  • Not sure what I should write here.
  • Maybe.
  • Trust her. Would I lie?

Cats and Headphones and More Cats

  • Love your cat….
  • How did that kitty sit still with the headphones on? My Ollie would run for the hills!
  • If I win the headphones I will put them on our new kitten and send a pic back – he looks just like the picture.
  • My cat really wants these too!
  • I’d sure like to win headphones. Already have a cat.
  • Best survey/giveaway to date. Bonus for the kitty wearing headphone 😉

Extra Nerdy/Funny Comments

  • Nerds Rule
  • You’re awesome. (😜)
  • You rock my socks off!
  • You’re lovely!
  • Have an amazing Bazinga kind of day!
  • Thanks for keeping us old folks in the know.
  • Keep up the great nerdiness.
  • Thanks for making my life cooler!
  • Keep being your Nerdy self!!!

Comments that Make You Go Hmmmmm…

  • Why are hot dogs sold in packs of 10 and buns in packs of 8?
  • If you can be anything in the world, be a unicorn.
  • World Peace would be nice.


just plain fun

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