August 5, 2022

Stop typing everything every. single. time.


My extraordinarily nerdy friend Jill finally convinced me to download TextExpander, the magic tool that saves the text you type over and over so you can very, very, VERY quickly compose documents, respond to emails, send texts, find your logos and much, much more.

TextExpander Logo

I’ve been hearing about TextExpander for many years, but, GASP, it doesn’t have a free version. But when Jill went on and on about how much time it saves her, I knew I had to try.

Instant. Gamechanger.

Not only does it let you load the things you type out all the time (like your awkwardly long website URL or your alphabet-soupy list of credentials)… it also keeps an eye out for other phrases you don’t even know you’re typing over and over.

Plus you have instant access to databases that others have composed, such as the dictionary of brand names that will autocorrect AirPods when you type AirPods [it works so well that I actually couldn’t type it wrong to show you an incorrect version of air.pods just now].

Find Those Emojis

One of the things I love about TextExpander is that it gives you instant access to emojis, symbols and all those annoying accents that you have to go hunt for (ever leave the accents off of résumé because you can’t find the dang accented “e”?).

About $40 a Year

TextExpander works on all platforms, including your mobile devices, so everything you need to shortcut is available everywhere you type. It’s about $40 a year, and it has paid for itself already in one week. Thanks, Jill!


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