September 23

That New Site Smell

When you want to create a Google Doc, here are the steps (the old way):

  1. Type “Google Drive” into the address bar.
  2. Choose Google Drive from the search results.
  3. Login to Google Drive.
  4. Hit the New button.
  5. Scroll down to Google Doc.
  6. Click Google Doc.

But if you want to create a Google Doc the new way, here’s what you do:

  1. Type “” into the address bar.

Instant Web Actions with the .New URLs

A couple of years ago, Google created a domain name called .New. The purpose is to create instant shortcuts for web apps so you can turn six (or more) steps into just one.

Blue right arrow neon lights

Check out the extensive list of these shortcuts on the appropriately named site Note: the list isn’t updated regularly, and some of the links are no longer working.

There are hundreds of .New sites that you can use right away to simplify your web app work. Here are a few of my favorites:

Google Shortcuts

Not surprisingly, Google has a shortcut for almost everything in their Workspace.

Google Security
Google Calendar meetings and

Microsoft Shortcuts

Surprise! Microsoft has almost the same ones, but they’re more branded to the MS Office names.


Adobe Shortcuts

Adobe has a whole bunch of shortcuts. Some are free to use without even having to log in.

Fill and sign a
Create and alter PDFs in lots of
Create and edit

Canva Shortcuts

YESSS! I adore Canva so much more these days (you have to read why it’s my App of the Year), and their shortcuts just make it better.

Try these to start:

Other Cool Shortcuts

For (Kahoot games) (Quizlet games) (text from your computer) (new phone number from Burner) (Burner) (Burner) (create a meeting agenda) (add a task to Asana) (collaborate with a whiteboard) (create a workspace in Dropbox) (create and share a mindmap) (Absolut Vodka drink recipes) (create a custom perfume) (restaurant reservations on OpenTable) (OpenTable)


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