October 7

Four Delightful Discoveries This Week

Every week I seek out updates and cool things to share you, and in the last seven days, I’ve been delighted with little updates that make me go WOW!

Check ’em out…

TripIt Pro Makes Me Money (Again)

I’ve been booking travel this week, and today I got an alert from my TripIt Pro subscription that two of my flights had lower fares now, and I rebooked and saved about $120. Since the service costs me $49 a year, the Pro version just paid for itself two times over (this happens every year. Yay, TripIt Pro!).

Screenshot of TripIt Pro's notification about airfare refunds.
Savings notification from TripIt

Otter Summarizes My Meetings

Last week I received a summary of a meeting with Otter, my favorite audio transcription tool. I assumed that my very organized client had created a summary for us, but then I got another one. Turns out Otter is sending meeting outlines and summaries automatically now. WOW. So cool and helpful. That’s why Otter has been my app of the year.

Screenshot of Otter.ai's new meeting summary emails. The image shows a number of bullet points with time codes and summaries of the discussions at each section.
One of the meeting summaries that Otter sends now.

Dropbox Has Screencaptures and Recordings

I stumbled on this feature accidentally, but apparently it has been around for a year. Dropbox (another favorite) now integrates screencaptures and recordings into its service. I have used Snagit from TechSmith for many years, but this is handy as well.

GIF of Dropbox Capture in action.
Dropbox Capture

OpenAI Has Opened Dall•E 2 to Everyone

I’ve been on the waiting list for one of the hottest text-to-image generators for weeks (months? years? feels like forever). A few days ago they opened the gates to let everyone use the tool. You get several free tries, then you have to pay to play by buying credits. You’ll be amazed at the capabilities.

I just generated these three images with the following prompt:

brunette girl with geeky glasses has a surprised and happy expression
while staring at the computer screen, cartoon, colorful


graphics, organization, productivity, utility

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