January 20

Book Excerpt: January Holidays and Helpers

Have you picked up Nerd365 yet? It’s a Year of
APP-ortunities to Upgrade Your Life! Every once in a while I choose some of my favorite sections to share for free, and in honor of the new year, I’ve created a special excerpt of the book to celebrate my favorite tools for January.

Apps for January

Here are three of my favorites. The excerpt contains dozens more!

Write Thank You Notes

Send beautiful, personalized notes with Punkpost Universal Letter Writing Week (the second full week in January). Real artists use colorful marker magic for eye-catching messages.

Donate Your Gift Cards

Have a pile of gift cards you’ve never used? Donate them to the Gift Card Bank on National Use Your Gift Card Day (TOMORROW — it’s the third Saturday of January).

Earn Money for Dog Shelters

January is Walk Your Dog Month, so use WoofTrax to donate to local shelters just by taking Fluffy around the block.

The Third S


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