February 10

Quick Tips: Delete Your Online Self

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4 Sites to Delete Your Info from the Internet

Delete Old Accounts

It’s good practice to delete your accounts on sites you no longer use, but many platforms don’t make it easy. JustDeleteMe spells out the steps to delete accounts for hundreds of popular sites. JustGetMyData, its sister site, links to companies so you can request reports of the data they have on you.

Remove Old Social Media Posts

With a tool like Redact, you can eliminate vacation photos with your ex, that college reunion in Las Vegas and any trace of your attempts at a mullet.

Remove Yourself from Information Sites

Data brokers like BeenVerified, Intelius and Whitepages collect and sell gargantuan databases of personal information on all of us. They’re so distasteful to me that I’m not even going to link directly to them. Blech!

Not only are they blechy, they also make it hard to remove your data. It can take hours and hours.

Many people find it worth the cost to pay DeleteMe about $11 a month to systematically remove you from dozens of sites. But if you have the time and patience to work through them yourself, DeleteMe has a free DIY guide.


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