February 24

The Best ChatGPT Hack Ever

Every Friday I write NerdWords, my newsletter, and many Fridays I struggle to come up with what to highlight. Since my focus for 2023 is to help you understand and use ChatGPT, I decided to do an infographic about its uses.

I decided to get infographic ideas for ChatGPT straight from the source. It took a lot of back and forth, but ChatGPT gave me great ideas, structure and verbiage for an incredibly helpful infographic.

The More You Chat with ChatGPT, the Better the Output

Rather than creating an infographic today, I think it’ll be much more helpful to show how I interacted with the tool to get to the content I need. Here’s our conversation:

Beth Z asks ChatGPT for help designing an infographic
ChatGPT gives step by step instructions for an infographic about ChatGPT's process.
Beth Z changes direction in the type of infographic she wants and asks ChatGPT for ideas for prompts.
ChatGPT gives ideas for how people can use ChatGPT.
Beth Z asks ChatGPT to change the focus of their tips from lifestyle tips to business.
ChatGPT gives a list of possible topics that business professionals can talk to ChatGPT about.
Beth Z asks ChatGPT to be more specific in the prompts it suggests.
ChatGPT creates more specific prompts for business people.
Beth Z asks ChatGPT if we can believe its tips for tool and hard facts recommendations.
ChatGPT says it is as accurate as it can be, but everything should be researched.
Beth Z asks ChatGPT if it is trustworthy, and ChatGPT says to double check facts.
Beth Z directs ChatGPT to rewrite a list and leave out prompts that might need to be researched.
ChatGPT gives a final list of prompts for business people.
Beth Z thanks ChatGPT, and ChatGPT says you're welcome.


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