March 31

Ten Tips for the Best ChatGPT Prompts

Using AI tools is all about the input… the prompts you give it to help you help it to give you exactly what you want… perhaps even more than you expected!

If you can call yourself a Prompt Engineer, able to get incredible output from your amazing input, good for you! You’re going to be in high demand.

But if you’re like me, you struggle with finding the right words and get frustrated at the generic outputs or results that are totally off the mark.

So here’s my cheat sheet on how to get more out of the tool without knowing what you’re doing. I collaborated with ChatGPT for some of the tips, and others are 100% Your Nerdy BFF.

Ten Tips to Guide Your ChatGPT Relationship

ChatGPT and I worked for about an hour to come up with the best overall tips for better prompts. This list represents the top ideas straight from the robot mouth with a little nerdy touch here and there from yours truly.

ChatGPT Tips by Beth Z


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  • I used Chat GPT to write a press release (not the first one I let it write), for which it did an excellent job. I only provided minor suggestions and requests to improve it and make it accurate. I then got an invitation to try Google Bard and I ran the same exact prompts through it, and I’ll say the formatting in Bard was on point, but it stalled when I asked it to add in some additional details. Chat GPT handled the same request then put the whole thing together. It also generated better quotes than Bard did. I’ll take content over formatting any day of the week! I’m planning to subscribe to Chat GPT so I can have access to it all the time because it saves me so much time writing copy for social media posts, press releases, canned responses for our help desk, and so much more.

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