April 7

How to Create an Entire Presentation from Scratch in 3 Seconds!

It’s impossible to describe how amazing this is, but I’ve managed to capture the mind-blowing awesomeness in this 136-second video.

Here’s the latest Canva feature* that will create an entire slide deck presentation in 3 seconds!

And that’s not all! Microsoft will be rolling this feature out with PowerPoint soon(ish). And yes, if you make a presentation in Canva and want to use it in PowerPoint, you can.

In Canva: Share>More…>Save>Microsoft PowerPoint (scroll down to see it).

* Canva gives me coffee money if you subscribe to the Pro Plan via my link… and I can honestly say that upgrading is the best money I have ever, ever spent on a “freemium” tool. So worth it!


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