April 21

What happened when I asked ChatGPT to describe my writing style

Holy smokes, y’all. I’m floored.

Because I’m an author and on the web quite a bit (maybe an influencer even??), ChatGPT seems to know who I am. So I asked it to identify my writing style. Here’s how it went:


Consider the books by Author Beth Ziesenis. Can you describe her writing style?


Author Beth Ziesenis, also known as “Your Nerdy Best Friend,” is a popular speaker, author, and technology consultant. Her books are known for their witty and lighthearted style, as well as their practical tips and insights for using technology to improve productivity and efficiency.

Ziesenis’s writing style is engaging and conversational, with a focus on making technology accessible and approachable for everyone. Her books are often filled with humorous anecdotes and relatable examples that illustrate the benefits of various technology tools and apps. She has a talent for explaining complex concepts in simple terms, making her books easy to understand and apply to real-life situations.

Another hallmark of Ziesenis’s writing style is her enthusiasm for technology. She is passionate about the potential of technology to transform the way we live and work, and her books reflect this optimism. At the same time, she is also practical and realistic, acknowledging the challenges and limitations of technology and providing realistic advice for making the most of the tools available.

Overall, Beth Ziesenis’s writing style is fun, accessible, and informative, making her books a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their productivity and efficiency with technology.



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