April 27

Best of the Web 2023

It’s Webby time again!

Every year the Webby Awards recognize the best apps, sites, podcasts and more. I love to comb through these lists to share tools and sites that represent the coolest stuff.

NASA Eyes on Asteroids: Data Visualization

I’m not particularly interested in astronomy, but I could spend hours exploring the NASA Eyes on Asteroids site.

Interview Warmup: Web Services

This free site from Google helps you practice for job interviews. I didn’t do so well.

Wonderlab+: Science

Free games and puzzles to get kids interested in science (and a place to waste time doing something fun).

Fingerspelling: Games, Social Impact

So here I am on a plane, and I open up this site and use my webcam to practice the alphabet in American Sign Language. So cool in so many ways.

Switchboard: Productivity and Collaboration

I haven’t tried out this collaboration app, but it’s getting investors, accolades and buzz. It’s a virtual space where you can work on every web app you use inside the platform without an official integration. So you can have rooms and meetings where you and your remote team are hanging out and using everything they need without switching back and forth to the web conferencing tool.

Speaking In Color: Best Use of AI

With Speaking In Color, Sherwin-Williams lets you describe a memory, dream, feeling or anything you want, and the site uses your words to generate a color palette. It’s both beautiful to watch and interesting to ponder.

Staybl: Accessible Technology

People with Parkinson’s Disease and other challenges that cause tremors can have trouble seeing their phones if their hands are shaking. Staybl uses the iPhone’s accelerometers to adjust the browser images in real time.

Vocable: Accessible Technology

The Vocable App won a Webby last year and another nomination this year for its head-tracking controls to enable people with limited mobility and speech to communicate without the typical expensive equipment.

Permission Slip: Public Service and Activism

From Consumer Reports, Permission Slip helps you stop companies from storing and using your data when you make purchases.


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