May 19

ChatGPT? Pfft. You don’t need it.

You may have seen the headline that ChatGPT prompt engineers are making $300k a year because they’re they only ones who REALLY know how to craft a prompt to get the right outputs.

I don’t know about you, but that kind of stresses me out. How can we possibly learn what we need to know about crafting prompts?

You Don’t Have to Be a Prompt Engineer

In an earlier post I wrote tips to get more out of ChatGPT without having prompt-writing skills. But another route to ChatGPT greatness is even easier…. get another company to do it for you.

Let me introduce you to a world of specialized companies that have harnessed the power of ChatGPT to create AI tools you can use straight out of the digital box. Whether you’re writing blog posts, crafting resumes, building business plans, scripting videos or even nailing those cold emails, there’s an AI-powered solution waiting for you.

A Partial List AI Companies that Do What You Need Them to Do

The secret to finding tools that take the prompt issue out of getting results from AI is to use sites such There’s An AI For That or Futurepedia or any of the other hundreds of AI directory tools that you find when you Google “AI Tools Directory.”

These sites index thousands of the latest and greatest AI tools to help you find one that does what you want without making you really figure out what you want.

For example, I adore Jasper, one of the very first AI-powered writing assistants on the market. Jasper has a chat feature and a platform they call “Boss Mode.” But it also has a giant list of pre-made templates that I prefer. I don’t have to figure out how to make the “Boss” write a blog post for me. I can use the template called “One-Shot Blog Post” that will ask me the right questions to help me get the right output. So much easier.

Sample GPT-Powered Tools

AI-Powered LinkedIn Help

Most of these sites have AI-powered search engines because, well, AI. Searching for LinkedIn tools gives dozens of options on There’s An AI For That:

On Futurepedia, you get the best results by using one of their 54 categories. Then you can sort by whether they have been verified, and you can see reviews and pricing. Here’s the result from the Social Media Assistant category:

Other Categories of AI Tools

Just like the writing examples above, you can find companies that do the hard work for you when it comes to making graphics, videos, presentations and more. For example,

  • Craft your presentation in 10 seconds with Tome when you write a single sentence.
  • Install the Casper AI extension to automatically summarize web pages and articles (very cool).
  • Create a stock image in a flash with
  • Outline a course in a flash with CourseAI.

Y’all, there is SO. MUCH. Just So, So Much.


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