August 11

Testing AI Image Bias

I was both enlightened and horrified when I ran across this video the other day about how Barbies look from different countries. It’s an analysis of generated AI imagery to see if it perpetuates stereotypes.

Spoiler alert: The researchers decided it does.

But I like to test things myself, so I chose six AI image generation tools and gave them the same simple prompts.

Second spoiler: Yep… lots of stereotypes here.

Take a look at the embedded document below, or take a closer look here. The original Barbie video is below.

Comparing AI Image Tools by Beth Z



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  • Note, too, the bias against those who might actually eat a dessert occasionally. The people depicted by AI are all model-thin.

    • Oh my gosh! I didn’t even catch that. I did however catch the beautiful burger image in the fast food workers area. I’m now hungry.

    • It’s a big, big cluster right now. I’m watching the lawsuits and will report back when I see some definitive outcomes.

  • I love Nerdy BFF energy. Fun antics and extremely knowledgeable about newest apps and programs to better enhance our day to day for work or at home!

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