August 18

Giveaway Time!

Y’all, August 23 is Find Your Inner Nerd Day! I founded the holiday in 2022 to honor and recognize the nerd in us all.

To celebrate the second anniversary of this momentous holiday, let’s giveaway a whole bunch of stuff! (August) 23 x 2 (years) = 46, so I’ve assembled 46(!) surprise packages that are ready to ship.

But that’s not all! Because I like to make people happy, I tacked on 4 cash prizes.

Enter now!


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  • Since your presentation at the RCS Technology conference I have really been embracing AI and sharing it with my colleagues. Thanks!!

  • Happy Find Your Inner Nerd Day! You are the Best Nerdy Best Friend Miss Beth!
    Love you, love ❤️ your passion and love your work!!

  • Saw the photobombing kitten in the picture of packages ready to be sent. Cute office assistant. Hopefully better than my two snoring rescue Boxers!!

  • Beth is an awesome trainer! I highly recommend her. Extremely knowledgeable and has fantastic programs.

  • I’ve been following My Nerdy Best Friend since she spoke for the North Valley Property Owner’s Association. Incredibly charming and entertaining! Oh, and INFORMATIVE!! 🙂

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