September 4

The World of Tech As We Now Know It (Fall Rising)

Discover this "Fast Five" collection of utterly captivating articles that revolve around groundbreaking technological advancements, each with the potential to reshape the world as we know it.

Take FIVE to dive into a captivating array of stories that highlight the incredible impact of these innovations, offering insights that are essential for you to explore. Don't miss the chance to browse through these thought-provoking tales of technology's profound influence on our lives today ...


Creepy AI App Let's You Talk With A Photograph Of Anyone

This seems rather creepy, but I think within a few years it might be more accepted.


Researcher Finds Creepy Way To Skirt ChatGPT's Safety Limits

It’s no surprise that bad guys will figure out how to do bad things with this technology.


Unbabel Unveils AI Project To Give Us Superhuman Abilities

What happens when we use this technology as a lie detector?


More AI Images Have Been Generated Than Photographs Taken In The First 150 Years Of Photography

A staggering statistic.


Scientists Say New Tool Makes Images Worthless For Training AI

Will this help the copyright issues? The horses are out of the barn …

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