September 11

The Helpful (And Dark Side) of AI

Delve into this compelling "Fast Five" series of articles which provide an insightful exploration into the dual nature of artificial intelligence.

Today's share is about uncovering how AI's positive contributions are transforming industries and enhancing our daily lives, while also delving into the shadows to examine the potential ethical concerns and unintended consequences that come hand in hand with its advancement. This series offers a balanced and in-depth understanding of AI's profound impact on our world ...


Beyond ChatGPT: The Other Tools Teachers Are Using

I love to share these tools for teachers.


Google Chrome Will Summarize Entire Articles

I will try this out for everyone.


The Best AI Chatbots For 2023...

To distinguish among the top AI chat bots.


AI Can Crack Your Password By Listening To Keyboard Clicks

Yet another way the bad guys can use AI to be even more horrible.


15 AI Tools For
YouTube Influencers

I always test out tools like these for my hands-on video workshop. They reduce video production time by 50% or more.

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