September 14

Create a Status Report Automatically

If it takes you forever to generate your weekly status report, it’s time to ask AI for help.

I haven’t seen a tool yet like InSummary. When you connect your Google Calendar, the platform analyzes your work for the week to create a concise, interactive report.

Here’s what it did with my past week:

Screenshot of the results from InSummary

After the quick summary, it created a fun graphic that gave more details.

GIF of an interaction with the round graphic from InSummary that shows weekly activities.

Every major section could be drilled down. I’m not sure how it figured out that I “Ignored” the Zoom webinar on my calendar, but it did.

More details from InSummary for a weekly status report.

The Cons

As much as I like the idea, I don’t like the permissions I had to give. They seemed more intrusive than usual, but as usual I clicked the “Accept Terms” button too fast to go through them. You should be more careful than I was.

Also, it only works for your main Google Calendar, but there’s a waitlist for other platforms.

But still… it’s interesting to see a busy week laid out like that.


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