September 18

Manifesting Digital Adversary in a Tech/AI Forward World

In an era where AI's capabilities are on a remarkable rise, a note of caution becomes paramount. While AI holds incredible potential for positive transformation, it also embodies a duality that demands careful consideration. This cautionary stance is rooted in the recognition that AI, despite its capacity for good, can manifest as a digital adversary -- capable of theft, malice, and even posing grave dangers.

So, as we embrace AI's promise, it is essential to acknowledge the strangeness that emerges from its intricate algorithms, prompting us to tread prudently in our journey alongside this double-edged technological marvel ...


Author Says AI Is 'Writing" Unauthorized Books Being Sold Under Her Name

Umm.... what? I'm frequently flabbergasted by both the claims, and the reality of what AI can do.


Has Your Art Been 'Stolen" By Generative AI? (Check If You've Been Scraped.)

The following site knows if you've been scraped. I will be addressing this further in a session for #ASAE23.


Malicious ChatGPT Clone (WormGPT) Used To Launch Email Attacks

Sadly ... we knew this was coming. Stay very vigilant about cyber security, y’all.


Terrifying Ad Warns Parents Against Sharing Photos Of Their Kids Online

This is seriously disturbing.


You Can Have Video Calls With ChatGPT... Uncanny As It Sounds

Ummm. What? I’m not sure I’m ready for AI FaceTime...

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