September 22

Has making videos become too easy?

Oh boy. I’m not sure what to think about this.

I just created three videos to summarize some of the major announcements from Google, Amazon and Microsoft this week. I sat down to do my research and write a post, but I got sidetracked with AI video tools (I’m doing a new hands-on AI video workshop soon and want new stuff).

Videos in Seconds with Zero Effort

Usually the research and writing would take me at least two hours, but with an AI tool called VideoGen, three summaries took less than three minutes. I paid a buck for the first month of the Starter Plan, an $8 discount off their regular monthly fee.

Watch the Video to See How

Why This Bothers Me

One might argue that these videos are not the cutest or that they have the best graphics or visuals. But gosh, if you’re someone who needs a quick video, VideoGen is a great starting point.

Please note that VideoGen doesn’t exist to make it easy to steal other people’s content. Its magic is converting blogs to video in seconds.

But I’m very uncomfortable with the idea that I could just grab someone else’s content, ask AI to rewrite it and then push a button to release it as my own. I’ve done zero work, and yet I have a unique product that I can claim.

That makes me feel yucky. But it’s so easy, and I bet many people take these shortcuts without a second thought.

Back to the Announcements I Wanted to Share

Google Bard adds tools to search your email, files and more

Here’s the original article that I stole to make the video.

Microsoft is rolling out Copilot this fall

Original article, courtesy of The Verge.

Amazon Alexa’s getting an AI makeover

Amazon’s original announcement (which I stole).


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