September 29

Canva Deep Dive: Magic AI Secrets

ChatGPT has been around for almost a year, and more tech tools are integrating the technology into apps and tools we use every day. The features may be a beta test and may not be available or reliable or even functional.

The functionality may just appear one day inside your email, your documents, your videos and more. Symbols to watch for:

✨🌟💫 Stars, Glitter and Twinkles

You may see a little icon pop up with a star or twinkle somewhere on a page you use every day. Click on any new icons to see if you have an AI shortcut.

✏️ Pencils and Pens

If you see a little writing icon in the corner of the page, it may be that AI writing help is now built in.

Magic Words

Tools are using words such as “Magic” to indicate an addition of AI.

Canva’s Magic Tools: Deep Dive

This video points out four secret AI tools that the design tool Canva has embedded, along with a demo of each.


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