October 2

AI Deep Dive: Transformation, Potential, and Ambivalence

We're living in a tech-strong era where AI's capabilities are fast and furiously on the rise. While AI holds potential for positive transformation, it also embodies an ambivalence that demands we move forward with caution in some instances.

So, as we embrace AI's promise to create a different world, it is essential to acknowledge the unknown that emerges from its intricate algorithms, prompting us to tread prudently alongside this double-edged technological marvel ...


5 Things AI Image Generators Struggle With

You may never be able to and see the early results of text-to-image generators when it comes to the warped eyes, mangled hands and horrifying teeth. But all of this is improving. Every day. Every hour.


How To Avoid The Latest AI Voice Cloning Scam ...

This is a common scam that can trick your loved ones. Make sure they know the dangers.


AI Makes Non-Invasive Mind-Reading Possible

Are we really at the place where computers can read our minds? ChatGPT-based technology points to yes.


Open AI Rolls Out "Incognito Mode" on ChatGPT

This is an important update for those of us who are concerned about privacy when it comes to ChatGPT


Stanford/MIT Study: AI Boosted Worker Productivity by 15%

I have said the exact same thing: AI might not take your job, but the people who can master it will.

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