October 23

Elevating With Tech and AI: Intelligence That Drives Results

Embark on another #Nerdy "Fast Five" journey into the world of technology and artificial intelligence series with us. In these articles, we delve into diverse facets of these fields. First, we explore the monumental USA Facebook Settlement, scrutinizing its implications for data privacy and digital regulation. Then, we delve into the partnership between ChatGPT and Microsoft Excel, uncovering how it revolutionizes data analytics.

We then also take a closer look at the evolution of ChatGPT's language abilities, including its intriguing foray into crafting its own language. Next, we dive into the realm of AI creativity, showcasing an AI-generated music video set to a Billy Joel song. Lastly, we dissect the growing phenomenon of Auto-GPT, unveiling what it entails and why it's generating substantial excitement in the AI community. Join us as we navigate this transformative landscape, where intelligence-driven results are shaping our world.


U.S. Facebook Users Can Now Claim Their Piece

Almost everyone can apply for this settlement, which means the payouts will be tiny. But we all deserve acknowledgment that...


3 Effective Ways To Use ChatGPT in Excel

Are you curious about how ChatGPT can enhance your Excel experience? Look for more integrations of ChatGPT and Microsoft Office in the near future.


ChatGPT Made Its Own Language To...

This feature lets you keep a conversation with ChatGPT going so you don't have to always provide background. It's helpful. But creepy.


AI Creates Stunning Music Video For Hit Billy Joel Song

I love the artists that are inspired by iconic music to create images that match the lyrics. Remember this one?


What Is Auto-GPT And Why Are Hustle Bros Hype For It?

Tools like this will let me give one command and let it auto-complete the rest of the work needed. This is getting real.

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