October 30

Artificial Intelligence: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Extremely Interesting

Explore the realm of Artificial Intelligence in our newest #Nerdy "Fast Five" series: "AI: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Interesting."

In "The Good," discover AI's life-enhancing applications, from medical breakthroughs to increased efficiency in everyday tasks. But there's also "The Bad," where ethical concerns like bias and privacy breaches demand attention.

Delving into "The Ugly," we uncover AI's potential misuse, from deepfakes to cyber threats. Amidst this complexity, find "The Interesting," where AI surprises us with quirky creations and unconventional collaborations.

Join us on a concise journey through AI's multifaceted world, where innovation, ethics, security, and intrigue shape our future.


How An AI Tool Could Crack Your Passwords In Just A Few Seconds

Another clear indication that you have to get your passwords under control.


10 Nightmare Scenarios That Could Happen With Current AI

What about AI scares you? Everything on this list seems plausible to me...


6 Best Sites For Cheat Sheets, Shortcuts, And References

Cheat sheets are so handy. And these sites are free. Totally worth a look.


We Asked GPT Some tech Questions, Can You tell Which Answers Are Human?

Check out this very interesting experiment. I was able to identify about 3/4 of the human in trees out of 11. It wasn’t because I knew the technical answer, and could figure out who was more accurate… It was because of the style of writing.


Search 35+ Million AI Art Prompts (Unprompt Solves A Huge Problem)

Seriously folks! UnPrompt.ai solves a huge problem for poor prompters like me. Here you can search for an image to see the prompt that created it. And beyond images with subjects, art styles, artists, color palettes, and more...!

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