November 8

AI Recipe Apps: Triple Yum

This AI experiment took two weeks to finish. I went searching for cool AI tools that could create unique recipes when you entered a couple of ingredients.

For all experiments, I tried Bourbon Banana Bread because my hubby makes these yummy loaves weekly to take to the Friday tastings at his favorite local liquor store. He and I spent Saturday morning trying out the recipes together to see if they measured up.

The results were amazing! All three recipes were yummy — scroll down for the recipes! And watch the highlights from our bourbon banana bonanza.

The Most Fun AI Recipe Tool: Mr. Cook AI

I started off the experiment with Mr. Cook AI, and I found it delightful. Little did I know that it would turn out to be my favorite.

It’s brand-spanking new. Like pretty much yesterday new. On its site, it boasts that Mr. Cook is loved by “704+ Users.” That’s not exactly a best seller. But the interface is fun and fast and creative.

In 42 seconds, Mr. Cook fulfilled my request for “Bourbon Banana Bread.” The interface was clear and easy, but my favorite part was when it used AI to generate an image of my bread! So fun. D.J. declared that this one was perfect for toasting for breakfast.

Watch this 42-second video to see how fast it was…

I also played around with the “Create from leftovers” feature and found the same functionality. And again, it created my image. So fun.

The tool is free in beta, and it also lets you import recipes from other sites and add your own.

The Most Creative AI Recipe Tool: Crooked Recipes

Crooked Recipes is an odd little site. You don’t have to register to use it (yay), but the interface is plain and weird.

Once you enter your criteria, it takes a while to generate the recipe. It appears at the bottom of the screen below your window, so I didn’t even know it had finished.

But the end result looks yummy! Even though the interface wasn’t fancy, I enjoyed being able to tweak the skill level and the amount of time I had for the task.

I was worried about the recipe at first because the pre-oven mix looked extra runny. But it was definitely yum — could have used more bananas though.

The Worst AI Recipe Tool: ChefGPT

Lots of review sites were giving ChefGPT top marks, so maybe I’m missing something. But I was so disappointed. The only tool I could play with in the free version was the PantryChef tool, which lets you list ingredients you have on hand to generate a recipe.

I again entered “banana” and “bourbon” for ingredients. And when I asked it for the recipe, it gave me exactly what I had input! In other words, I was going to make mashed bananas with some bourbon that would need a stove top, an oven, a microwave, an air fryer, a food processor and a pressure cooker… and would take 65 minutes to make.

Huh? I didn’t make this one.

The AI Recipe Tool I Had to Try: ChatGPT

For the final course (heh), I asked ChatGPT for an “innovative recipe for bourbon banana bread.” There were no pictures, but it spit out a decent-looking recipe in a few seconds.

This ended up being my favorite of the three because the glaze was wonderful. It was very dessert-like, D.J. reported.

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