November 20

Exploring AI and Tech Marvels …

Welcome to another exciting edition of our "Fast Five" series, where we zoom through a selection of articles that cover a wide range of tech topics, each with its own unique flair.

In our first stop, we explore tools that unveil the hidden biases in AI image models, allowing us to see just how skewed or fair these technologies truly are. Next, we'll dive into apps that automatically add captions to your social media videos, making your content more accessible and engaging.

In the realm of AI, we'll uncover the intriguing story of GPT-4's role in a blueprint for money-making schemes, raising questions about the intersection of technology and profit. Moving on, we'll unravel the rumors surrounding Apple's potential AI competitor to ChatGPT, sparking anticipation for an exciting showdown in the world of AI. Last but not least, we'll groove to the tunes generated by AI as we explore "MusicGen" on the Hugging Face platform, showcasing the creative side of artificial intelligence in the world of music.

Join us on this rapid journey through these fascinating articles, each offering a unique insight into the ever-evolving world of technology.


New Tools Let You See How Biased AI Image Models Are

According to AI, a "programmer" is a young guy with facial hair and a "dental hygenist" is a woman. We have a way to go to combat Generative AI bias.


6 Best Apps To Add Captions To Social Videos

These days we all should be adding captions to videos -- both for better accessibility for people with disabilities and for the millions of us who...


HustleGPT Is A Hilarious And Scary AI Experiment In

This is a brilliant use of chat GPT. This guy told ChatGPT it was an entrepreneur and instructed it to create a business with an investment of $100.


Apple Rumored To Be Developing An AI To Rival ChatGPT

Apple's entry into the AI space is critical because they're way behind.


MusicGen - A Hugging Face Space By Facebook (Meta)

Want to make some music? Just describe it.

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