November 27

AI And Humans: How We’re Learning And Evolving Together

Welcome to another magical adventure in our 'Fast Five' series, a whirlwind tour (if you will) through a collection of articles that encompass the diverse and dynamic world of technology.

In this edition, we explore a range of captivating topics, from mind-reading AI at Meta to the transformative influence of AI on Gen Z. We'll also dive into the realm of AI-driven artistry, productivity enhancements with Microsoft's CoPilot, and a critical examination of CoPilot's key features. Join us as we uncover the latest innovations and trends shaping our tech-centric landscape.


Meta's AI System Can Replicate Images In Your Brain In Milliseconds

Sometimes, even I have a hard time comprehending how far technology...


The Numbers Behind How Gen Z Is Really Using AI (No Shame Guidelines)

40 % of Gen Z employees fear telling their employers that they are using AI.


Ultimate AI Artist Combines DallE 3 and ChatGPT-4 Vision

I love the way artists are learning to work with #GenerativeAI to express their art.


Sick Of Meetings? Microsoft's New AI Assistant Will Go In Your Place...

Otter, Zoom, and Google have made comparable meeting tools.


Why Windows Copilot Has Users A Little Underwhelmed...

I think the biggest features will be coming next year.

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