December 4

AI Unleashed: From AI Contracts to Immortal Avatars

Welcome to another edition of my nerdy 'Fast Five' series, where we journey through a selection of articles that showcase the ever-evolving landscape of technology and artificial intelligence.

In this weeks edition, we explore a range of captivating topics, from AI autonomously negotiating legal contracts to the prospect of AI avatars that could potentially live forever. We'll also delve into the legal implications of AI cloning human likenesses and the connection between ChatGPT and the rise of phishing. And if you're looking for useful apps, we've got recommendations from Canva. So, come join us as we uncover the latest innovations and trends reshaping our tech-driven world...!


An AI Just Negotiated A Contract For The First Time Ever...

My husband’s a lawyer. I’m not sure he knows how much this will affect his industry.


These Two Companies Want To Bring You Back From The Dead

Oh boy. So, what do you think of an AI version of your late grandpa?


Scarlett Johannson Takes Legal Action Against AI Clone App

We are starting to see more court cases for AI transgressions. Stay tuned!


Report Links ChatGPT to 1265% Rise In Phishing Emails...

To the surprise of no one, the power of AI is being used by spammers.


12 Canva Apps Worth Checking Out To Create Better Designs

There’s a weather of hidden functionality with the Canva apps.

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