January 5

ChatGPT vs. Perplexity.ai

Today’s posts pretty much wrote themselves. I started out with the intention of writing about the differences between the free and paid versions of ChatGPT, and I changed direction after this trainwreck of a conversation where ChatGPT was dead wrong… about ChatGPT!

So I ended up using a new AI tool from my toolbox called Perplexity.

UPDATE! I was all about bragging on Perplexity this AM and laughing at ChatGPT. And then I had this ridiculous conversation with Perplexity where it didn’t know who it was! AI is both brilliant and dumb.

ChatGPT is for chatting. Perplexity is for answers.

I’ve recently embraced a different AI chat tool called Perplexity.ai after many of my nerdy buddies raved about it. I think it’s best described as a (kinda) brilliant alternative to Google Search. Ask it a question, and it searches the web to find specific references and facts that it will then paraphrase and synthesize into a better answer than you clicking around the web doing your own research.

So I asked Perplexity.ai the same question that led me to a ridiculous answer from ChatGPT: What are the differences between the free and paid versions of ChatGPT?

Perplexity.ai answered my question easily

In less than ten seconds, Perplexity answered my initial question with elements pulled from six different sources.

More about the paid version of ChatGPT vs. the free

I went on to ask Perplexity.ai about who really needs the paid version of ChatGPT, and it came up with other great responses. I put them in a separate post here.

ChatGPT vs. Perplexity AI: A Comparative Guide

Let’s get to the root of ChatGPT and Perplexity AI and compare them point by point.

ChatGPT: Conversations and Creativity

  • Free Version: Unlimited access to GPT-3.5 model, with potential unavailability during peak times.
  • Paid Version (ChatGPT Plus, $20/month): Mostly available, early access to new features like GPT-4, enhanced accuracy and superior customer support.
  • Ideal for: Content creators, customer service, developers, educators needing reliable and swift AI interactions.

Perplexity.ai: Facts and Research

  • Free Version: Efficient for general inquiries with source-cited answers.
  • Paid Version (Perplexity Pro, $20/month or $200/year): More comprehensive answers from diverse web sources, unlimited Copilot usage, access to the latest GPT-4 models (ChatGPT, Claude and Google), updated information, file upload for research assistance and dedicated support.
  • Perfect for: Users needing a research assistant with source-backed information.

Bottom Line

ChatGPT is your go-to for engaging conversations and creative tasks when you’re connected to the web via the site or their mobile apps.
Perplexity AI excels in research and fact-checking with sourced answers and can operate without the web on your computer.


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