January 19

How to create an Apple Live Sticker

I’ve been holding off on writing about a new Apple feature that I LOVE because I want to make sure Android people can do something similar, but so far I haven’t seen where Android phones are adding this natively. But I can’t wait any longer to share this cool feature.

Turn Photos into Stickers

Apple iOS 17 added the ability to turn photos from your phone into cool stickers that you can drag-and-drop on messages and much more. To make one on an Apple device, you simply touch your screen and hold your mouth just so until the device recognizes a person (or pet or object) and draws a little white outline around the image. I always have to try it a few times because I guess I don’t have the right touch the first time out.

But it turns out so cool!

After you have the outline, you can save it as a sticker, save it as an image, copy it and all kinds of good stuff. Your stickers are stored in messages and other places, so now all you have to do is drag and drop them into a conversation.

Apple Live Stickers Step by Step

Behind the Scenes

Trying to get Roadie to help me with this video was hilarious. Here’s a behind-the-scenes compilation.


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