February 9

Time to Upgrade Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn continues to grow in influence and awesomeness as a true business tool. I’m fascinated by the advice that some of my favorite LinkedIn gurus offer — especially when they share research on the mysterious LinkedIn algorithms.

LinkedIn Algorithm Insights 2024

The document is 125 pages and FULL of actionable, clear insights based on years of research.

I’ve read it stem to stern (and you should, too).

But in case you don’t have time to get through the whole thing today, I pulled out the top tips that will make a difference with your LinkedIn life right away.

Upgraded LinkedIn presence book titled Algorithm Insights v2024.

The Top Ten LinkedIn Tips for 2024

Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite no-brainer insights that you can implement right away.

  1. Leverage the Power of Polls: Get this… many people post polls, but polls get extra LinkedIn love. That means when you put yours up, you’re ahead of the game. Keep your polls simple and clear, and leave them up for about a week.
  2. Optimize Post Types for Engagement: About half of posts have a single image with text. They can get you a 1.26 times increase in reach over the average. Keep text lengths within 900 to 1200. If you go over that, you may reduce your reach. Keep your sentences short as well (something I always have trouble with) – – sentences under 12 words perform 20% better.
  3. Embrace Video Content: When you post a video, LinkedIn doesn’t show it to as many people. But overall video posts significantly boost engagement. Aim for videos between 1 to 2 minutes.
  4. Guide Readers Through Long Posts: Text-only posts, particularly those between 1800 to 2100 characters, perform well in terms of reach and engagement. Use headlines and emoji graphic, such as check marks or color dots to help the readers stay interested in your topic and not get lost in a long text string.
  5. Try Document (Carousel) Posts: While the reach for carousel posts has gone up and down over the years, they still maintain a higher reach than text+image posts. Shoot for about 12 slides and concise text.
  6. Timing is Key: Maximize your reach and engagement by posting during the magic hours… before 9 AM and between 12 PM – 2 PM on weekdays.
  7. Engage with Your Audience: After you press the submit button on your post, hang out. Regularly responding to comments within the first hour of posting can boost post visibility and expand your reach.
  8. Hashtag Wisely: LinkedIn itself recommends using 3 to 5 relevant hashtags per post to improve discoverability. in the past a healthy dose of hashtags might increase your reach, but the research says the effect is modest now. But since LinkedIn still recommends them, you should still use them.
  9. Personal Stories Connect: Don’t be afraid to talk about the time you spilled red wine on your boss’ white dress at the company retreat. Personal stories with lessons learned resonate deeply and can drive driving higher engagement rates.
  10. Consistency Over Quantity: Focus on posting quality content regularly but not excessively. Aim for 3 to 4 posts per week to keep your audience engaged without overwhelming them.

What are your favorite LinkedIn tips? Drop them below.


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