February 16

Do you need the Apple Vision Pro?

This month Apple released its virtual reality/mixed reality/augmented reality super gadget called Apple Vision Pro. The buzz around it is huge. But is it worth the $3500+ price tag?

That’s what I set out to discover.

Apple Vision Pro Demo

Like many nerds and Apple Fan Girls, I was dying to give this thing a try. But you can’t just pick it up and play at the Apple Store. You have to make an appointment for an official 30-minute demo.

I had a gig in a hotel next to a mall, so I scheduled an appointment and documented the experience. This video is long, but you’ll hear me talk through all the different experiences and ask the questions that people ask me.

Spoiler Alert: You’re going to want one

I highly recommend that you all go demo this product. It’s difficult to describe how different this interface is. I’ve had two Facebook Meta Quest headsets, and they’re nowhere near as immersive as the Apple Vision Pro. (I don’t have the VERY latest Meta Quest, which is supposed to be closer to the Apple version). When the videos played on the Apple Vision Pro, y’all — I was IN them. It’s so much more than just a 3D version. You’re really a part of the scene.

Spoiler Alert: You don’t need one

As cool as this device is, I just can’t justify the cost. The headset is too heavy for all-day wear. And I can’t envision people in an office interacting next to each other with these things on. Nor can I see people in home offices needing this type of surround-vision experience. It’s just not necessary. And it doesn’t add enough value to what we’re already doing on our everyday devices to make sense.

Plus, I don’t like that I have to pay an extra $500 to get prescription lenses. I spend all kinds of money on glasses, and I don’t want to have to spend more to put the glasses in a device that already costs a fortune.

Watch the Official Apple Vision Pro Walkthrough

Here’s the promo video from Apple:

And here’s Apple’s version of the walkthrough:


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