April 5

Can AI read your emotions? Hume review

Because of the conversational nature of AI chatbots, some companies are trying out its usefulness for companionship and counseling. But can AI really pick up on the nuances of human emotion?

This week I tested out Hume, a brand new AI tool that purports to be able to read your emotions from your tone of voice, word choice and more.

I spent two 30-minute sessions with the free chatbot that lets you talk back and forth. I found in some cases it “read” me. And in other ways it totally missed the mark. It has such a supportive tone overall that when I ranted for a minute about an annoying dishwasher habit, I actually felt seen and heard.

But when I thought more deeply about this technology, I realized that the bigger issues were quite darker than the superficial AI-as-therapist format of its present iteration.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, scroll to the last five minutes or so to get the insights.


communication, mental health, self care

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  • Beth – Very illustrative conversation with Hume. I would love to see the playing of a political speech to see how it interprets the feelings and motives of the political speaker. Hmm! May 1 or both of the major national presidential candidates.

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