April 26

NEW! Meta.ai’s text-to-image tool is SO cool

Last week I was obsessing about Amazon’s weird AI image tools when I saw a headline about Meta.ai, Facebook’s ChatGPT look-alike. I finally got around to playing with it this week and WOW… this is so cool.

Meta.ai’s Text-to-Image Magic

Normal text-to-image tools work like this:

  1. You input a prompt.
  2. You wait 30-60 seconds while the AI works behind the scenes.
  3. You get 2-4 images.
  4. You download what you want.

But Meta.ai is so much more interesting:

  1. You start a prompt with the word “Imagine.” (Log into Facebook first.)
  2. As you write the prompt, Meta.ai starts interpreting your words.
  3. You watch in amazement as the image changes with every word you type.
  4. Once you hit enter for your prompt, you get the real-time image that it produced as you wrote, plus another three versions.
  5. You download what you want. Wait! You’re not done….

Meta.ai Deluxe AI Image Options

Now you have four versions of your static image, and Meta is just getting started. You can…

Create a little movie of how your image morphed with each word you wrote.

Animate your four versions.

Cry out with delight.

    Watch How Cool It Is

    This video is just over four minutes, and it’ll show you how much fun it is to exercise even more creativity with AI image tools.


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  1. Another good ‘un, Beth! Yes, they are done some really nice innovative work on this. I’m looking forward to more on the animate (yes, behind .00000000001 seconds in length — I only kid a little 🤪 ). Thank you for sharing this.

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