June 6

AI Customer Service Agents? Perhaps not…

I haven’t yet run across an AI customer service agent (at least that I know of), but an amazing speaker friend of mine had an incredibly weird and bad and distasteful and off putting experience with the “customer service” reps from a VERY well-known department store that is VERY well-known for their customer service (IYKYK).

Please take three minutes to listen to Courtney Clark’s experience.

This mess goes beyond an automated voice or a chatbot that gives you three options to choose from. Courtney experienced two different “agents” who represented themselves as, well, representatives. It didn’t sound like they identified themselves as AI agents.


  • Would it be better if they had said, “I am an AI Agent?” or something to identify that they weren’t human?
  • Would you just hang up when you realized that this wasn’t a human? Or would you stick it out to see if they could actually help with something?
  • Would you send feedback to the company that this is not ok? Courtney contacted the company right away, possibly because this particular company is famous for its customer service, and she was shocked.

Thoughts? Outrage? Fatigue?

Oh, and while you’re here… take a few minutes to watch this woman’s FABULOUS speaker teaser video. She’s so entertaining that I wish I could hire her myself!


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