June 14

Make your own graphic alphabet

I had wayyy too much fun with Gentype, Google Lab’s newest AI tool. I’m trying to figure out how I can use this when I give my AI keynotes.

You simply describe the type of alphabet graphic you want to create, such as “Funny cartoon cats wearing glasses.”

GIF of someone writing "Funny cartoon cats wearing glasses" into a text box to answer the question: What is your alphabet made out of?

And then Google uses AI to create images of all the letters in the form of your description.

A gif of a graphic alphabet of cats wearing glasses. The gif is showing letters appearing as they are generated.

What to know about Gentype

  1. It’s free, but you have to login to your Google account.
  2. If you don’t like a letter, click on it and regenerate.
  3. My prompt was very basic, and the generated images had different styles. I bet if you’re clearer with what you want as a background, you’ll probably get more consistent results.
  4. Sometimes the images are very weird. Check out the N above. And for the sake of your nightmares, don’t look too closely at the cats. The eyes! The eyes!
  5. There’s an area that keeps your history, but it keeps disappearing. And the little button that looks like you can open your alphabet in a different window doesn’t seem to work. But you can download all the graphics or use the tool to write a word or two and download them as a PNG.
  6. I didn’t see any numbers or punctuation options.
  7. You can choose other alphabets from the gallery. It’s fun to see how many people were more creative in their prompts than I was. I always choose cats with glasses.
  8. As always when dealing with AI, your art may be horrible. There’s a disclaimer at the bottom that says “AI outputs may sometimes be offensive or inaccurate.”


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