A Year of Tech Programs for Your Organization


Meet Your Members’ Nerdy Best Friend

Author Beth Z, aka Your Nerdy Best Friend, is the chick your members need when they want to know *IS* there an app for that.

Beth Z’s online programs normally start at $3500, which puts her out of reach of the budgets of some small organizations. So she is packaging a year of tech programs for one low price: $499 for ALL on demand programs.

Year of Tech Explained

Watch this short video to hear an overview.

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Six Programs in 2021

Beth Z’s Nerd HQ will host her most popular programs every two months in 2021. Small organizations have the opportunity to participate live and on demand.

  • February 26: Questions for a Pandemic World
  • April 23: Tech Tools for Serious Self Care
  • June 25: Who Wants to Hack You and How to Stop Them
  • August 27: 29 Tools to Create Cool Content for Social Media and Marketing
  • October 22: Powered Productivity
  • December 17: The Best Tech of 2021

On Demand for One Low Price: $499

Each program will be online for sharing for 60 days after the live presentation. Here are just a few ideas for your recording:

  • “Live” Event
    Host a live program where you play the recording.
  • Member Benefit
    Offer it on a members-only section.
  • Sponsorship Opportunity
    Add sponsor branding and invite members with a pre-recorded intro from your sponsor.
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You are free to share the recording with your audience however it makes sense for your organization. We simply ask that you limit access to your membership and don’t share it openly on your site or on social media.

The recording will be hosted on our sites. After 60 days we will archive the recording to make sure the tech your members hear about is the latest and greatest.

Seats for Live Programs: $10

Want to give your members the opportunity to attend the live version? We’ve extended your discount to seats on the live event. You register attendees on your side and send us the link. You will be charged $10 a seat for attendees — about 75% off the regular rate.


  • What’s the definition of a “small organization”?
    Our pricing guidelines are less about the member numbers and more about the normal budget. Some regularly pay professional speakers, so my regular rates are fair to them ($3.5k-$7k). Our definition of “small organization” is one that relies on free speakers and sometimes pays a nominal fee ($250-$1k). We are looking to help the smaller groups with quality content at a cost they can afford.

    So the real question is… does your organization bring in speakers at my regular fee? If not, we consider you a group that would qualify for the deal. 
  • What’s the deal with the live programs?
    Many organizations struggle with getting members to attend programs live, so the $499 deal is for a recording of the live programs. But your members are definitely invited to the live events! We are hosting the live programs and selling seats for $39, and any group that buys the $499 package can send their members for $10 a seat. This means you can advertise the live program and charge what you want (hello, non-dues revenue!), and we’ll charge you $10 for every attendee you send. That way you don’t have to risk putting on an event with poor attendance, but you’ll get the benefit of being able to offer very affordable live programming to your members.
  • My members are not tech savvy. Will this be too advanced?
    Come one, come all! These sessions are designed for professionals of all technological ability, from the entrepreneur who still sends handwritten invoices to the startup’s employees who act as everyone’s informal IT department.
  • How can I share this with my members if I can’t download the file?
    We’re going to make it extra easy for you to share the on demand programs with your members, whether you want to stream the program to a live audience or just let them watch it when they’re ready.
  • Why is there a time limit on the on demand program?
    It’s no secret that tech is constantly changing. We want to make sure that the tools your members hear about from your on demand recording are still valid.
  • Can I buy just one of the programs?
    Yes! Individual programs are $199 each. Contact Us for more information.
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