Howdy, ASAE folks! It’s time to create!

Working in teams of 2-4 people, you’re going to be using a custom randomizer tool from Flippity to get a framework for an AI-generated image. Then your team will create a specific prompt and generate an image using a collaboration board called Padlet. You’ll upload your image with the caption (one per team), then everyone gets to visit the Padlet board to vote on their favorites!

Here are the steps:

1. Spin (teamwork): Choose one person from your team to spin the wheel on the Randomizer to get your team started. Don’t like your results? Keep spinning or fine tune.

2. Compose (teamwork): Work together to choose details for your prompt. Choose people and characters that are household names so the AI knows who they are.

3. Create (teamwork): Scroll down this page to the Padlet and enter the prompt to generate images (one image per team). The GIF below shows you the steps.

If your results are horrifying (eyes out of place, three arms, facial distortions you can’t unsee, etc.), keep trying with different prompts. Then choose your favorite creation to add to Padlet and add your original prompt as the caption. It may take a couple of minutes to generate and upload.

5. Vote (individual): Now that your team is done, look at the other images as they come up. Now everyone on the team can join the Padlet to click LIKE on the results you like the best. The team masterpiece with the most likes wins!

Made with Padlet