Nerds in the News: CIPH January 2018

Mobile apps DO make better leaders! It was a delight to share the latest in tech tools with some of the industries leaders this past January in Ontario. View the article and the event’s favorite moments here.   

Nerds in the News: Typito 2018 #Rewind #BestOf2017

Wow! Typito has honored this nerd by including her in their 2018 highlights. Very cool, @TypitoHQ. #BestOf2017   Yay! 2018 is here. Let's #rewind and look at the best moments created on @TypitoHQ last year. A big #ShoutOut to all the amazing #creators for all your love and support. #Showreel #BestOf2017 #Welcome2018 #Typito ??? — Typito (@TypitoHQ) December 31, …

Nerds in the News: Zonta International

We are happy to report each attendee at the Zonta International conference received Beth’s latest book, The Big Book of Apps! Zonta International is an organization devoted to empowering women through service and advocacy. Thank you, Zonta! Nerds and women rule!

Nerds in the News!

Thank you to Pest Management Professional for featuring Your Nerdy Best Friend in their November issue. Looking forward to the National Pest Management Tech Conference later this month!

There’s got to be a better way! Home assistant

#HelpANerdOut This is a GREAT question from Ryan P.: “I’m confused about all the home assistant devices like, Alexa, Google Home, Apple’s new Siri thing… Which one is best? And what can they do for me? Just wondering if I really need one.” Joanne B: I love Alexa! I use her for music, and lists- shopping and to-do. Also love being able …

There’s got to be a better way! Podcasts

  Thanks to Katie K. for this week’s question about podcasts. #NerdsLovePodcasts See my enthusiastic answer below…. (and then ADD YOURS!) Beth Z: Right now (on the plane), I’m listening to “Stuff You Missed in History Class.”. I also like “Freakonomics” and a bunch of true crime mysteries. Aimee T: I listen to a lot of NPR podcasts like Hidden Brain and …