Book Updates!

Lower res cover Welcome to the secret page of updates for Release Your Inner Nerd!

When I hear of news that affects the content in the book, I’ll share it here. Keep checking back!

Update: The Old Reader, p. 105

In July 2013, The Old Reader announced that it was closing its service to the public because it was overwhelmed by people who were dropped by Google Reader. But in August, they said they are back! 

Update:, p. 215 now makes you register and really looks like they only have paid versions. In fact, you can still get up to 10 users for free. Sneaky!

Update: Xobni, p. 100

Sniff. Xobni is no more. The company was gobbled up by Yahoo! in the summer of 2013.

Update: SlideRocket, page 196

SlideRocket is no longer accepting registrations because it’s merging with another company. Another free tool bites the dust.

Update: Xtranormal, page 171

I loved XtraNormal, but they passed away. Try GoAnimate instead.

Update:, page 65

No one understands why pulled the plug on their project management system. But they did.

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