The Webby Awards 2019… too much awesome

Every year when The Webby Awards are announced, I promise myself that I’ll just spend a few minutes finding the highlights to share with you. The awards highlight everything from great newsletters to fun games. I search through the hundreds of winners and nominees to find great stuff for productivity, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and more things we talk about here.… Get the scoop...

Tools to Fight the Robocallers

Although it seems like we’re losing the battle against robocallers, you don’t have to sit idly by while they take over your phone lines. Use these tools to block, identify and control unwanted calls.

They can help you by…

  • Comparing incoming calls with a database of known spammers and suspicious callers.
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Up your video game with these fun tools

As you guys know, I’m creating a new half-day course and guide to teach people how to make cool videos. Here are three of the new resources I’m writing about in the guide this week.

Create Fake Texting Stories

Since texting is so much a part of our lives, making an eye-catching video of a texting conversation is a great way to get someone’s attention for marketing or social media.… Get the scoop...

Showcase Your Images with Easy Mosaics

This week I had too much fun playing with mosaic tools. These are the programs that will take hundreds of your photos and morph them into one giant photo.

Mosaics are great for…

  • Family photo montages
  • Showcasing a related group of images, such as images from one location or a timeline of shots over the years
  • Engaging viewers with an interactive image experience
  • And illustrating the concept that the parts make up the whole, as in our clients make us who we are

Things to know

  • Mosaics require a lot of photos — plan on 150+.
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VoteWithMe app: Another episode of #CreepyButHelpful

Happy Mid-Term Elections, everyone! I came across this app that you need to know about… not just because of the timing with the voting… it’s more about understanding the power of the data at your fingertips. #HelpfulButCreepy

The app is called VoteWithMe, and although it seems to have been created by people on one side of the fence, it certainly can be used by anyone who wants to rally people to vote for a favorite candidate or side.… Get the scoop...

How to Get Noticed in Email

In our house-buying/house-selling processes, there’s lots to keep up with. D.J. and I have missed a couple of important tasks that the agents had to remind us about. This is part of a series of tools via @BethBuysAHouse .

We’ve acted on the first requests most of the time and didn’t need to be reminded of anything more than once.… Get the scoop...