chartbeat: Real-time website analytics

I first discovered chartbeat when Ashton Kutcher and CNN were competing to be the first Twitter account with one million followers. Chartbeat showed the race live, and I was hooked. For about 10 bucks a month, you can monitor the traffic on up to 5 websites in real time. I mean really real. It shows how many people are visiting, … Cheap and easy web surveys

No less than three Cheapskate Freelancer readers recommended SurveyMonkey as “worth the money” in the June Giveaway (don’t miss this month’s giveaway — register now!). SurveyMonkey lets you design surveys easily using more than a dozen question types. I’ve created simple forms for feedback from my clients as well as elaborate surveys with custom skip logic, graphic and customized filters. … Free backup software

Two Cheapskate Freelancer readers recommend MozyHome Free, which gives you 2GB of storage online at absolutely no charge. You simply set up your account, download the software, and Mozy will backup your files when you’re online. I’m actually a former (but pleased) subscriber at the $4.95/month level, where you get unlimited storage. When I bought a new computer, I …

Identifont: Identify a mystery font online

This free tool is wonderful when you see a font you like but don’t know the name. Identifont has a step-by-step wizard that takes you through a series of questions about the font, such as where the squiggle goes on the capital “Q.” It’ll even help if you have only a few letters to work with (like a flier headline). Another …

FaxZero: Free Internet Faxing

A couple of weeks ago, I needed to fax an order form. I haven’t configured my computer to send faxes and my fax machine isn’t set up either. So I searched for a free tool to help. I was so happy when I discovered FaxZero. What a cool thing. You upload a document or PDF to fax to anyone for … Turn your email into a graphic

Spammers sweep websites to collect email addresses, so many people resort to formatting their contact info as something like: bziesenis (at) avenuez (dot) net Other clever people create graphics out of their text so they can’t be swept. Ta dah! does it for you! Just type in your email address or any other text, and Hidetext converts it to … Your own online library

Because is integrated into my Jing account, I sometimes forget that it’s a great tool on its own. lets you upload and share documents, Jing captures, video files, etc. into a library of your own. I just created a “playlist” that contained 4 important files for a client, sending him a link to the list instead of 4 …