There’s Got to be a Better Way: Smart Phone Tips


Help a Nerd Out! I heard the other day about a magnifying glass that is built into iPhones that I never knew about! What else am I missing??? [And share some Android tips, too!]

Howie J: For increased battery life:
– Turn off auto-brightness
– turn off location settings until you need it
– make sure to periodically open the active apps (double click home on iPhone or the one on the left of home on Galaxy) and close them all out
– and if you really want to increase battery life and productivity – GASP, log out of Facebook, Twitter, other social media and disable email notifications.… Get the scoop...

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Help a Nerd Out! 

There's Got to Be a Better WayCliff L. asks, “I’m finally going to switch my email from AOL to another cloud-based email service. Which one? Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, something else?”

Patrick A. Gmail. All other responses are invalid. Seriously – the number of benefits you get with gmail, google calendar and google contacts are amazing.Get the scoop...