Task Management Systems

1004725_10151646760799666_1129088029_nChoosing a task management system is a personal thing. It’s kind of like what some doctors say when recommending a diet – the perfect diet is the one that works for you. People choose their favorites based on any number of factors, such as:
• “I put all my stuff into this app when it first came out, and it’ll take too long to switch.”
• “I need one that integrates with Dropbox and Evernote.”
• “I like the location-based apps that ding me at the grocery store to remind me to pick up milk.”
• “I have to have something that works on Android, iOS, Mac, PC and Linux!”

As you search for the perfect system for you, peruse this list of features and options:
• System complexity
Some to-do lists are just that – lists.… Get the scoop...

Simple Project Management Tools: Basecamp, Smartsheet, Tom’s Planner, and Trello

basecamp1We must start with the project management system that really kicked off the do-it-yourself project management trend. In 2004, a company called 37signals started creating online project management systems, primarily for the web design industry. Basecamp has evolved to be one of the most popular web-based project collaboration tools to share files, meet deadlines, assign tasks, centralize feedback and finish what you start.… Get the scoop...