Search Better and Faster

Ever hear someone say, “Let me Bing that for you”? Probably not. Google dominates the world of search engines with almost 80% of the market. Although it’s arguably the best tool, other search engines may help you find what you need more quickly and more securely.… Get the scoop...

A Travel Tale of Woe… with a Happy Nerdy Ending

So Monday I’m packing nerdy socks for the next event, and I hear


A phone notification…. My phone clanks all the time, but this one was different.


Wha? What was happening?? I was leaving in less than 24 hours, headed for Owensboro, KY, a fairly small town in a state not known for its air travel options.… Get the scoop...

Instant Transcription Tools

You may find yourself in need of an instant transcription tool for a whole host of reasons. Maybe you’d like to dictate your novel. Perhaps you need a transcription of your latest speech. Or maybe someone with whom you’re working speaks another language or is hard of hearing.… Get the scoop...